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How are businesses benefitting from the use of sales automation?

Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
Bart Kowalczyk 19, November 2020

Is it worth to invest in Automation? What are best tools for automation? How to get started?

What is automation?

Automation is a fantastic way in which to improve efficiency, but is one that can sometimes make communications feel less personal. In this podcast Bart Kowalczyk, AutomateNow founder explains how to get started with sales & marketing automation. What is covered?

  1. How I got into automation and the businesses I am now involved with?
  2. How you could personalise automation to be more human?
  3. What are key communication formats/channels to have automated?
  4. How to get started with automation?
  5. How are businesses benefitting from the use and implementation of automation?
  6. What are the best tools for automation?



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