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    Build a Prospective Networking Follow-up system with HubSpot

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    Bart Kowalczyk 23, September 2020

    Networking is a long process. Do you have a system in place to identify which groups are bringing you clients?

    Research shows that you need an average of 11 interactions with each contact you meet before making a sale. Follow-up systems can automate the process to increase returns on your networking efforts, whether you network online or F2F.

    How you can build an effective follow-up system using HubSpot CRM?

    1. When you create your contact lists, mark each contact according to which networking group they belong to. As contacts become Clients and deals are successfully closed, then you can calculate how much business you are generating from each network.
    2. Prepare templates for each stage of your contact: after the event, a week after, a month after, etc. Prepare templates for different scenarios. Always personalise your message before sending. This will enhance the communication process.
    3. Keep your contacts informed about your own activities. Make it personal, not business-like. You could use the emailing feature in your CRM. Share any opportunities you get from others. Helping others will help you. Try to send regular emailings but don’t spam. Once every 1-2 months is fine
    4. Keep track of your networking contacts’ engagement with your blog, website and events. Even if they don’t buy from you they might bring you a gold referral.
    5. Create networking workflow to automate task reminders to call prospects and/or connect and engage via Linkedin.
    6. You are an expert in your own field. Be generous and offer help. If you are a mortgage advisor, offer free help for your networking contacts. Go the extra mile for your long-term contacts.
    Networking follow-up System in HubSpot
    Create your contact lists in HubSpot CRM, mark each contact according to which networking group they belong to.

    Don’t give up. Work on your list and keep engaging. A consistent approach will win you the client and an effective follow-up system will remind you what networking group they are in so you can focus on the events that are most effective.


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    - October 1, 2020

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