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    How to set up Linkedin & Facebook Ads in HubSpot

    Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
    Bart Kowalczyk 28, May 2021

    With HubSpot’s Ads tool, you can see all data about ads performance without jumping from one ad system to another. You can sync leads and how contacts in you HubSpot CRM are interacting. Finally, you can look at what ads brought you a Client. 


    How to set up Linkedin Ads in HubSpot - Best Practice

    • Before you start: build the assets: Landing Page, Sequence of follow up emails, video messages
    • Remember: Targeting is key: think about your Ideal Client;
    • Set Total Budget (suggested campaign length min. 3 days);
    • Build the audience of min 300 contacts in the list;
    • Have a Ad Strategy in place - what do you want to achieve?
    • Try Lead Generation Ads to capture data, the most cost-effective solution;
    • Think about Ad Message - e.g. webinar follow-up for all delegates.


    This webinar is useful for marketing executives who consider HubSpot Ads to bring more leads and support sales.

    Type of content: Webinar Recording

    Date: 28 May 2021
    Duration: 40 min
    Language: English

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