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    3 lead generation strategies for construction using HubSpot CRM?

    Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
    Bart Kowalczyk 1, October 2020

    Approach to selling has dramatically changed because the buyer is now in control. They are extensively researching a purchase before first sales call. They know about you more than you think. What you need to do is to win buyer’s confidence. 

    Lead Generation for Construction in HubSpot Best Practice

    • Understand your buying personas profile: why are they buying from you, in what context?

    • Build your Knowledge Base: Educate Prospect what will happen when they become your Client

    • Work on the content that will attract users

    • Map out your buyer’s journey

    This webinar is useful for construction businesses: architects, subcontractors, contractors, developers, estate agents. We will share ideas on how to improve your workflows in your construction business so you can sell better.



    Type of content: Webinar Recording

    Date: 11 June 2020
    Duration: 30 min
    Language: English


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