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    How to use HubSpot Sales Tasks

    Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
    Bart Kowalczyk 9, April 2021

    Research shows that over 80% of sales require 5-10 follow-up phone calls and other tasks after the meeting. Nearly half of them are giving up after first 1-2 follow ups. HubSpot offers great free tool called tasks that will empower your sales. 


    How to use HubSpot Sales Tasks? Key takeaways 

    • Tasks are associated with contacts, companies, or deals in HubSpot CRM.
A task could take the form of "Call Bart," "Email AutomateNow," or "Follow up with Deal X." 

    • Tasks have due dates. 

Tasks are designed to be executed on a certain day. 

Tasks are assigned to owners.
    • Make each task as simple and actionable as possible, e.g. Write LinkedIn post
    • Shifting between challenging and simple tasks
    • Add everything, I mean everything!
    • Set Task Deadlines
    • If something’s not working, update your to-do list accordingly

    This webinar is useful for business owners and sales managers who consider HubSpot to automate sales.

    Type of content: Webinar Recording

    Date: 9 April 2021
    Duration: 60 min
    Language: English

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