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    Bart Kowalczyk 27, October 2020

    We have been in a digital revolution for years, actually, well over a decade, the problem is many businesses are still operating like it's 1999.

    The result of that is lost leads, fewer clients, and most importantly, lost revenue.

    Our preferred platform is HubSpot because it replaces, 5, 10, 15 other tools that you would need to accomplish what it can.

    We have a 5-step automation process that identifies and convert leads and enquiries faster.

    We set up HubSpot sales and marketing. This stage involves creating users and teams, and arranging integration with other systems in the business ecosystem, including website and email. We will provide training for your teams on how to use HubSpot CRM.

    We help to identify your buyer persona and set it up in HubSpot, so you can focus on the leads that are more likely to convert. This involves moving the database from other systems to HubSpot, contact segmentation via tags, lists and filters and setting up forms that will collect information about your prospects.

    We create deal stages supporting your sales process, so you can nurture ready-made leads and close deals faster. We help to define your MQL & SQL and provide sales enablement training so your sales team will be ready to move prospects more quickly.

    We create a digital marketing strategy that will take potential buyers through a carefully prepared journey. email marketing and setting up automation to nurture leads in your database.

    Working together with your sales and marketing teams to deliver high-impact marketing activities, boost sales effectiveness, and ultimately grow revenue.

    If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you attract and convert more high-quality leads and clients, email or book free demo:



    Free HubSpot Consultancy Call

    In this 30 min call we will find out more about your business and understand what you want to achieve. We will go through HubSpot Live CRM to show you the setup and key features. We will then advise you which HubSpot Licence might fit your requirements.

    HubSpot Audit Report

    HubSpot Audit

    2h-long call with the client to go through their requirements and challenges with their CRM. We will provide a demo of all HubSpot Sales and Marketing features and provide a customised recommendation on the right HubSpot license for you. We will also build a draft implementation plan. This is a paid consultancy offer.

    HubSpot Workshops

    We support the SME community in the UK and offer numerous workshops online free of charge when you sign up early or with small fee for last-minute bookings. Online Workshops last up to 90 min and cover the following: Email Marketing, Managing Databases, Contact Profiling, HubSpot Q&A, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and more.

    HubSpot Workshops London

    CRM Setup

    • Setup of HubSpot Sales, Marketing and Knowledge Base
    • Setup/Audit of your CRM Lead Stage
    • The  importation of your contacts and harvest/import of other email sources
    • HubSpot Sales integration into your email account and the HubSpot CRM

    Marketing Setup

    • Connection, conversion or optimization of Wordpress websites into/with HubSpot
    • Digital Marketing strategy

    Sales Setup

    • Sales enablement training for sales teams to convert more leads
    • Funnel Management
    • Setup of Buyer Personas

    Social Media Management

    • Facebook Audience remarketing
    • Linkedin Lead Generation
    • Google Ads
    • Scheduling & Analysing


    Creating sales-driven assets

    • TOFU, MOFU, BOFU audit and setup
    • Creation of landing pages, forms, emails, and blog templates.
    • Conversion of WordPress websites into HubSpot CMS
    • Creation of your Website using HubSpot
    • Tracking code insertion for non-HubSpot site pages.
    • Integrate your Shopify Store with HubSpot

    hubspot deal management

    Content creation and curation for your websites and HubSpot CRM

    • Ebook creation is a powerful tool to capture more leads. Our team can create content and convert it into a downloadable eBook
    • Creation of your Sales Templates Library
    • Landing Page Content including powerful CTA
    • Creating catchy Social Media Posts to drive traffic
    • Blog Content to promote your expertise and convert more prospects


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