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We build websites in HubSpot

A fast, secure, reliable website.

If you are a small business owner or looking for a simple website for a project, HubSpot is a great option for you. partner-badge-black

A traditional CMS like Word Press leaves the security, speed, and reliability of your website up to chance. But you’re a marketer, not an IT professional. HubSpot takes care of the maintenance associated with a traditional CMS so you can focus on creating an amazing customer experience through your website.

AutomateNow is a Certified HubSpot Partner. We are digital sales & marketing experts. 

Why HubSpot?

The advantage of using HubSpot for your web design is powerful integration with CRM, drag-and-drop editor so you can update your website content on your own and you don't need to worry about updating 3rd party plugins. What's included in HubSpot CMS Starter Subscription?


Global CDN with 99.9% uptime

24/7 security monitoring & threat detection

Standard SSL certificate

Web application firewall



How Much does it Cost?

HubSpot Starter Subscription cost £21 per month or £228 per annum. Hosting, Standard SSL Certificate, web application firewall, Global CDN with 99.9% uptime and CRM are included.

You can easily set up a free template and move your entire website to HubSpot without any coding knowledge.

However, if you need support, we offer our training & consulting service that will help you to set up and manage your website. This will include:

  • Setting up the free template from HubSpot marketplace;
  • Moving your blog posts to HubSpot;
  • 90 minutes training session on how to update content and post on the blog;
  • 90 minutes training session on how to use HubSpot CRM;
  • 1h support free support after training.

You will be able to manage the website on your own and never ask anyone to update content on your page. 

You can now build a seamless digital experience for your customers by having a website and CRM under one roof without spending the fortune.



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