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How to use Email Marketing tools in HubSpot CRM? [Webinar Recording]

Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
Bart Kowalczyk 1, October 2020

On average, email generates $38 for every dollar spent. Two-thirds of customers have made a purchase as a direct result of an email marketing message. Only 20% of leads that are sent directly to sales are qualified, meaning they need to be nurtured via email and great content. Watch webinar video to learn more about how to use Email Marketing tool in HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Email Marketing Best Practice

  • Personalise each email campaign
  • Work on your title and preview, be natural
  • Create list of Email Bounces to investigate why they are not delivered
  • Set up Email footer to improve deliverability
  • Use tools like Mail-Tester, Spamcheck, MxToolBox to check if your send email is not black-listed
  • Use Appropriate workflow tool to nurture leads

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is useful for all HubSpot Subscription users, especially those who are working in Marketing. You will get access to Dropbox folder with webinar recording and slides.

Type of content: Webinar Recording + PDF Slides

Date: 15 May 2020
Duration: 60 min
Language: English

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