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    Favourite HubSpot features for construction

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    Bart Kowalczyk 23, September 2020

    In Construction every project is complex. From the start there is a lot of detailed information to be shared across all parties, e.g. architect and subcontractor or construction bid manager and surveyors. Having one tool to collect all the data and collaborate with the whole team is key to on-time project delivery.

    What are our favourite HubSpot features for construction?

    Our favourite HubSpot features for construction include:

    • creating quotes and charging Clients with stripe integration (Client can pay by instalment – automatic credit card charge)
    • collecting project details and putting into CRM: measurements, uploading photos of completed projects, sending post-project surveys and more.
    • Construction Businesses often use the HubSpot mobile App to capture data and track progress of the project.
    HubSpot for Construction
    Creating Quotes in HubSpot CRM

    After project completion Construction businesses can use all the collected data to create buyer persona profiles, to ask for recommendations and to upsell other products or services via tailored emailing campaign or social media posting.

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