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    4 ways to segment your contacts in your HubSpot CRM

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    Bart Kowalczyk 23, September 2020

    Database Segmentation is a key element of managing contacts in HubSpot CRM. There is no point uploading contacts without knowing how are we going to use them. One of the ways is to use a tagging option. You can create a New Contact Property called Tags and specify a number of options depending how you want to segment your database using Checkbox. Another way is to use static and active lists: Go to contacts and then choose list option and then create a list and choose your own criteria. 

    How to segment your Contacts in HubSpot?

    You can segment your database however you like, but I recommend using these 4 groups:

    1. How is the contact related to your business: #Client #WarmLead #Introducer
    2. Geographic location of your contacts if you target different audiences: #London #Glasgow #UK #NorthEngland
    3. Contact’s Industry: #IT #Construction #Marketing #Entertainment
    4. How the contact ended up in your database: #NetworkingEvent #Referral #WebEnquiry
    How to manage contacts in HubSpot
    Example how to set up Tags Properties in HubSpot

    Once you tag all your contacts in the database you need to have a system in place to automate the process. So, e.g. every contact made via a web form can automatically be tagged as #WebEnquiry. Some contacts you need to tag manually, but this simple system will help you to be more efficient with your sales and marketing. Then you can be very specific in your targeting – e.g. create an emailing campaign for non-clients in London from the IT industry about your new blog post that is only relevant to them. (GDPR consent is required). Remember, segment contacts before you upload them to CRM.

    Sales Automation Examples


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