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    How to manage Contacts using HubSpot CRM? [Webinar Recording]

    Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
    Bart Kowalczyk 1, October 2020


    Effective Contact Management in HubSpot CRM is a key element of Inbound Sales & Marketing. Before you upload contacts to your CRM assign them to the appropriate segment so you can 

    launch personalised message that will convert faster. 

    How to Manage Contacts in HubSpot Best Practice

    • Map out where your data comes from
    • Set up MQL & SQL criteria to qualify leads
    • Track Engagement, e.g. website visits, feedback, attended events.
    • Think what information you need to capture in forms to qualify leads, e.g. lead source, job title, industry.
    • Segment your database using lists or tags

    Who should watch this webinar?

    This webinar is useful for sales & marketing teams who want to segment the database of contacts before importing them to HubSpot.


    Type of content: Webinar Recording

    Date: 19 June 2020
    Duration: 60 min
    Language: English


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